Doctor Pit Park, Bedlington

Pit Park
Northumberland County Council
Installed 2016

Key Brands:



interactive – 1
“”The Sona has been the perfect solution getting children active. The installation was perfectly timed, just ahead of the December school holidays, so families could play together.” The Parks Team”

First Interactive Unit in the North…

Doctor Pit Park SONA is a cornerstone project for multiple reasons. It has brought interactive play to the north and developed a sense of community with the locals that wasn’t there before. However, the main triumph has been the attention the young girls have given the SONA. The girls were the focus for the council as they discovered a social stigma that discouraged them from being active. It is important to engage children in physical activity during their fundamental stages of muscle growth to support active lifestyles. The council wanted a fun and unique solution to combat this before it showed a detrimental effect on their health.

Choosing the Doctor Pit Park SONA

Modern day technology is one of the main deterrents for getting children outdoors. Jupiter Play decided to partner with Yalp and harness the digital allure to transform it into something constructive. The Doctor Pit Park SONA is a bold piece of play equipment that uses the power of dance to attract the public’s attention. The entertainment demand’s of generation Z has led the design of the SONA arch. The motion censored dance arch has a number of games which encourage children to work in teams or against each other to create a friendly element of competition.

The SONA has successfully helped the younger users be more active and find their personalities! Although the focus was on the children, the community have a new piece of play equipment that engages everyone.

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