These days, it is normal for children to have mobile phones, games consoles, and almost unlimited access to entertainment from a very young age. This trend is only growing, with the average child under the age of 18 spending about 2 hours per day behind some sort of gaming console.
Jupiter Play’s research team are well versed on Generation Z, children born between 1995 and 2010 who have never known life without internet and are often known as ‘screeners’ or ‘swipers’.

Rather than resist the changing world Jupiter Play embrace this by seeking out the best new innovations on the market. Our key partners within innovation and interactivity, Yalp and Playnetic, have created products that showcase the best of technology and how it can be used in a positive and constructive way that has meaning to young people today.

"Inspire all generations to be active and social in the latest development in interactive design."

Product Ideas

Design Fono
Fono Design DJ
Yalp Fono
Yalp Fono DJ
Yalp Memo
Yalp Sona
Yalp Sutu
Yalp Toro

We regularly check how often these products are being used and are amazed with the popularity and how it brings the community together. I’m so surprised these products aren’t installed in more places over the UK.

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Conniburrow Park, Milton Keynes
Aberford Park Outdoor DJ Booth
Meadow Park Interactive Play

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