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Installed 2015

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“”The guests love it, and the playsets are literally used non-stop every day of the season” Ruud Rerink, Product Development Manager at Center Parcs”

In 2015, Center Parcs decided to invest in new experiences for their guests to enjoy making their locations more memorable. In order to tailor to the growing target market of teenagers, Center Parcs chose to place 12 interactive playsets in 6 of their holiday parks across Western Europe.
Investing in Yalp’s Sutu and Fono, they were able to accommodate for the younger generation who visited their attractions with family and friends. “These are the perfect products to entertain teenagers – it is difficult to find something for this target group but these products offered them a unique game experience and the perfect hang out spot to make friends and relax.”

Yalp program their interactive pieces so that clients can track the usage of the products down to the minute, and can see which games are being played more than others. At the end of the season the Center Parcs interactive products were among the top-10 most played world wide, as well as seeing a marked increase in the amount of teenagers who were visiting.

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