Yalp Sutu Football Wall

Yalp Sutu

The Sutu is an interactive sports wall powered by a 230V cable. It has sixteen panels that are activated when hit by a ball, stimulating children to be active and outside.

SUTU courts can be an addition or improved alternative to the traditional MUGA. The Sutu is especially well suited for inner-city or urban areas where space is scarce. The goal is to hit the LED-lit panels in whichever way to games prescribe.

The Sutu contains 10 games which can be activated on the MyYalp portal with your unique log in credentials. Here you can also view the real time usage statistics of the games linked to the product though a 3G sim. MyYalp also allows you to manage volume, time lock, language and game selection.


The Yalp Sutu App:

The Yalp app was designed to provide individuals with a different level of fun, in the form of friendly competition. This boosts user’s motivation to keep returning to the interactive football wall and improve their position on the leader board. With the new app, players can look up the location of the nearest SUTU, play a high score game, claim their personal score on site and take their spot in the rankings. Who will be the best Yalp SUTU player in a friendship group? Or in the neighbourhood? Or in the world? The only way to find out is to install the app and upload your progress.

Technical information
Age Range: 4+
No. of Users: 1+
Critical Fall Height: N/A
Surface Area: