Ranua Wildlife Park - Finland

Lappset, Tiger Park - Ranua Wildlife Park (4)
Ranua Zoo
Installed 2020

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“We are extremely satisfied with the construction of the completely refurbished play area. The construction work took its time because of extreme snow conditions of the past winter and the coronavirus restrictions. The play park blends in the surrounding nature of Finnish pine forest just perfectly, forming an essential part of the entity.”

Ranua Wildlife Park – The Tiger Park forms an astonishing play area of ca 1.000 square metres with twin Flora Towers rising up to almost ten metres, furnished with two natural-sized tiger characters. The Farm offers play opportunities to toddlers in a traditional Finnish farm style. Lappset designed the play area in close cooperation with the client.

The Tiger Park is located in the middle of a pine forest, which is why the Flora range blends in perfectly with the surrounding.

Lappset’s MyDesign service has provided the design of the entire area in close cooperation with the client, Ranua Wildlife Park and Ranua Zoo.

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